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Electrical engineers only testing the electrical products

In general the electrical goods are made and they are produced at the sales place. The seller is not satisfied with the products, so he is testing all the arrived products through the electrical engineers. Once the test is passed the seller retains the products. In case, the products are shocking and they are not for usable the shop owner is returning the products and sending them to the factory. In the factory they check again and correct entire production and remake the products and sending them for the sales. In general everyone is scared to use the electrical products. The reason is the big shock can take place at anytime and the life would be finished due to using the electrical device. The devices are checked plenty of times in the factory still some portion of the products are not checked it is danger only for the consumers. So, the electrical consumables should have standard to use. There are many products used in the homes from the automated gate to toilet the electrical products are used. In case, the gate switch is not working, the owner have to park his car outside the home, in that case, car can be fined for parking on the road and the owner must have to pay the penalty just for the switches mistake he is paying big penalty all these can be avoided if the switches are purchased from the genuine sellers.


There are duplicate products produced by the companies. These products would work good for some time and after some time these products would not work well and the shock is un avoidable from the switches. This kind of duplicate producers are fined by the government when they are catches by the consumer courts. Still they are selling the duplicate products and these products are also sold in the market so the buyer should have to test within his brain and buy the products with more care. Only then the electrical products would be working with guarantee time fixed for them to use. Normally all the electrical products are arriving with the guarantee for some periods only after some time the guarantee expires and the problem starts for the owners. The owner can buy new products again based on the fixed warranty time. Once the standard products are purchased from the shops there would not be any difficult in using the electrical products.

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